West Direction in Vastu: gains and wish fulfilment

West direction ElementMetal
West direction Color White
West direction Shape Circle
Energy Fields (devatas) in WestPushpadant (W4), Varuna (W5)
West direction Anti-Element Air, Fire
Colors to avoid in West directionGreen, Red, Pink, Peach, Orange, Maroon
Recommended in West Bedroom, Living Room, Vision Board, Mandir
Not Recommended in West Toilet , Kitchen, Store Room

  • Vision Board in West Direction: West is the direction of wish fulfilment. Hence West is a very good direction for wish fulfilment.
  • Mandir in West Direction: The 2 energy fields in this directions are Pushpadant and Varuna. They are for wish fulfilment. So, when you are facing in west, standing in the ‘Mitra’ energy field, looking towards Pushpadany and Varuna energy fields, this will help fulfil your wishes. In the famous Shri Balaji Mandir, the god idol is places in West and you must be well aware of the gains people receive.

Chess Board in West: New gains come to you. You become skilled in getting gains.

Deer in West: You will work with speed and grace.

Village Scene in west: it gives the following benefits

  • acquire rightful share in ancestral property
  • buy new property

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