South-East (SE) direction: cash flow

South-East (SE) direction ElementFire
South-East (SE) direction Color Red, Pink, Peach, Orange, Maroon
South-East (SE) direction Shape Triangle
Energy Fields (devatas) in South-East (SE) Akash (E8), Anil (S1)
South-East (SE) direction Anti-Element Water, Space
Colors to avoid in South-East (SE) directionBlue, Bluish-Green, Black, Grey, White
Recommended in South-EastKitchen, Living Room, Store Room
Now Recommended in South-EastBedroom, Toilet

Balance in South-East (SE) direction gives:

  • cash flow

Imbalance in South-East (SE) direction gives:

  • lack of money,
  • delays,
  • Subordinates not listening to you
  • Aggression

Remedies of South-East Direction

  • Add a red Triangle on the part of the wall near the floor to increase cash flow.

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