How to attract Money in your home as per Vastu

Vastu is an ancient Indian Science that focuses on well being by balancing of elements. As per vast, money is a form of energy and can be attracted. Certain directions in your home have to be balanced to attract home in your home.

To Attract Money in your life, following directions as per vast will be helpful:

  • South-East (SE) Direction for cash flow
  • North Direction for money earning opportunities
  • West-South-West (WSW) Direction for savings
  • North-North-West (NNW) Direction for money attraction

Note: for getting good results from Vastu, use a holistic approach. Balance all the related directions, so that money can flow to you with full force.

Following are the important things to follow to attract money at home:

South-East Direction for Money:

Important of the SouthEast (SE) direction for Money:

SouthEast direction is the direction of cash flow. The color of this direction is red. When this direction is imbalances, it can hinder the cash flow in the house.

Removing Anti-Elements from SouthEast to attract Money

If Blue color, water fountain or wavy pattern is present in this area, it will affect the cash flow. Remove water element related things from this zone.

IIn certain cases, yellow color, square shape or earth related items can also create less cash flow. If it’s happening ni your case, remove the earth element from this zone.

Enhancing SouthEast (SE) zone for increasing money flow:

  • Add a Painting of ‘yagna’ in a brown frame and place it in this zone to increase the cash flow.
  • You can also follow a daily routine for burning an oil lamp every evening in this direction.
  • Keep SouthEast direction absolutely clean.

North Direction for Money opportunities

Important of the North (N) direction for Money:

North is the direction of Lord Kubera. It is the direction for getting new opportunities to earn money. It is essential to have the North direction balanced in order to attract money in your life. The element of North direction is Water.

‘Flow’ is the basic attribute of the North direction.

Removing Anti-Elements from North to attract Money

Earth Element in the North Direction can cause imbalance in the North zone. The color of earth element is yellow and the associated shape is square.

If yellow color in any form is present in the North direction, it can affect the flow of new money opportunities in your home. Also, if there is storage in the north direction, remove it.

Fire element in the North can also cause imbalance in the North direction. The color of fire element is red.

If Red color, triangular shaped pattern, Red bulbs, candles or gas stove are present in the North direction, the flow of money will be obstructed.

Remove photos of Mountains from this area.

Enhancing North zone for increasing money flow:

  • Add blue color, water fountain in the North Zone to enhance this zone.
  • Add statue of Kubera in the North
  • Add a money plant in blue pot in this zone.
  • Keep North Zone clutter free.

Note: do not do all the enhancements at the same time. Do one at a time and see there esults. Only one or two will be enough.

West-South-West (WSW) Direction for Savings

Important of the West-South-West (WSW) direction for Money:

‘West-South-West (WSW) is the direction for savings. The element if WSW direction is earth. When WSW direction is balances, it will help in saving of money.

Removing Anti-Elements from West-South-West (WSW) to attract Money

When Air element is present in WSW zone, WSW is imbalances. Remove green color, plants, wood, rectangular shaped items, frames containing nature from WSW direction.

Water element also imbalances WSW direction. Remove blue color in any form, wavy pattern, fountain, photos of waterfalls, rivers, sea from WSW zone.

Enhancing West-South-West (WSW) zone for increasing money flow:

To enhance the WSW zone for attracting money:

  • Add money piggy bank in this area
  • Keep your money related documents here
  • Keep this zone clean

North-North-West (NNW) Direction for Attracting Money:

Important of the West-South-West (WSW) direction for Money:

Avoid South-South-West Direction of Expenses:

Keep your home clean:

Any kind of

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