Vastu Good Luck Paintings for Home: Enhance Positivity and Abundance

Are you looking to bring wealth, prosperity, and positive energy into your home? Vastu good luck paintings can be an excellent choice. Vastu, an ancient Indian science of architecture, provides guidelines on how to create balance and harmony in living spaces through the right selection of paintings.

These paintings come in various forms, including nature-inspired artwork, images of family, flowers or birds, and inspirational themes. Follow the Vastu principles to find the perfect painting placement that will not only enhance your home’s aesthetic but also bring in the desired benefits.

Significance of Good Luck Paintings in Vastu

Good luck paintings play a crucial role in attracting positive energy and creating a harmonious environment in a home. According to Vastu, these paintings can influence the flow of energy, enhancing the prosperity and happiness of the residents.

Various elements in such paintings, including colors, themes and directions, are believed to have a significant impact on the home’s energy balance. For instance, lucky colors in Vastu paintings include red, blue, and yellow, while avoiding dull colors, such as black or grey, is recommended as they may drain positivity.

Choosing specific themes for paintings also plays a key role in Vastu. Some of the popular themes associated with good luck and fortune are:

  • Nature-inspired paintings
  • Images of family, flowers, or birds
  • Inspirational artwork
  • Paintings with a waterfall
  • Paintings of Lord Buddha

Moreover, the placement of these paintings in different directions of the house is essential. For example, hanging a waterfall painting in the North or East direction may ensure a smooth flow of money and create a blissful energy within the residence.

When selecting and placing these paintings, it’s important to follow Vastu guidelines, to ensure the flow of luck and wealth, and create a peaceful and happy atmosphere in your home.

Choosing the Right Vastu Paintings for Your Home

Selecting the right Vastu paintings for your home is crucial for harnessing positive energy and promoting wellbeing. In this section, we will explore a few essential factors such as colors, symbols of good luck, size, and orientation to help you make the right choice.

Selecting Colors

Color plays a significant role in Vastu, as it influences the energy flow in a space. Each color has distinct characteristics that, when used appropriately, can enhance the positivity and balance of your home environment. Some popular colors for Vastu paintings include:

  • Green: Represents growth, prosperity, and harmony.
  • Blue: Symbolizes relaxation, tranquility, and peace.
  • Yellow: Embodies warmth, joy, and optimism.
  • Orange: Stimulates creativity, positivity, and success.

Symbols of Good Luck

In Vastu, specific symbols are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Incorporating these symbols in your paintings can enhance the positive energy of your home:

  1. Bamboo: Symbolizes growth and development, it can be placed on the southeast and east walls for wealth and prosperity.
  2. Nature-inspired paintings: Representing balance and harmony, these can be placed throughout the home for a positive effect.
  3. Angelic symbols: These transformative images can be incorporated to invite divine energy.

Size and Orientation of Paintings as per Vastu

The size and orientation of Vastu paintings are also essential factors that impact your home’s energy flow. Consider the following tips when placing your artwork:

Large paintingsBest suited for spacious living areas and entrances, as they exude grandeur and positive energy.
Small paintingsIdeal for bedrooms and intimate spaces, where they can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
OrientationVertical paintings promote growth and development, while horizontal ones encourage stability and harmony.

By paying attention to colors, symbols, size, and orientation, you can select the perfect Vastu paintings to bring about a harmonious and prosperous ambiance to your living space.

Section 4: Placement of Vastu Good Luck Paintings

Living Room

For the living room, Vastu recommends placing good luck paintings at least 6 feet above the floor so you look up to them out of respect.

The north or east direction is the most suitable for paintings featuring waterfalls, ensuring a smooth flow of money and creating blissful energy. Nature-inspired paintings and images of family, flowers, or birds also work well in this space.


In the bedroom, opt for calming and relaxing artworks. Paintings with serene nature scenes, harmonious color palettes, and gentle, soothing themes can help create a peaceful atmosphere. Inspirational artworks that promote relaxation can also work well in a bedroom.

Avoid using dark or dull colors, like black or grey, as they can drain positivity and disrupt sleep.


Kitchens require a focus on colors, with Vastu suggesting the use of red, blue, and yellow for paintings intended to bring good luck. Paintings featuring fruits, vegetables, and other healthy, fresh ingredients can infuse the space with positive energy and promote well-being.

Avoid any artwork featuring fire or dangerous elements, as these can negatively impact the energy in this room.


The entrance to a home sets the tone for the rest of the space, so choose Vastu-compliant paintings that welcome positive vibes and attract prosperity. Images of deities, sacred symbols, or clear paths, such as pathways or doorways, can work well in this area.

The paintings should also follow the Vastu color guidelines, emphasizing red, blue, and yellow for attracting luck.

Maintaining Your Vastu Good Luck Paintings

To ensure the positive energy from your Vastu good luck paintings continues to flow, it’s important to properly maintain them. Here are a few tips to keep your paintings in optimal condition:

1. Keep the paintings clean and dust-free by regular cleaning. Accumulated dust and dirt can block the flow of positive energy. You can use a soft cloth or a gentle vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clean your paintings. Avoid using harsh chemicals or wet materials that can damage the artwork.

2. Proper lighting is crucial for enhancing the positive energy of your Vastu paintings. Make sure the paintings are well-lit, and avoid placing them in dark corners. Natural sunlight is the best, but if that’s not possible, consider using warm artificial lights.

3. Hang your Vastu good luck paintings at an appropriate height. They should be hung at the eye level of an average person, so the artwork can easily be admired and its positive energy can be felt. 

4. Avoid overcrowding your paintings on a single wall. The positive energy from the paintings may not flow properly if they are too close to each other or other objects. Give each painting enough space to breathe and let its energy flow seamlessly.

5. Repair any damages or imperfections on the painting immediately. Any torn edges, scratches or fading in the artwork can have a negative impact on the energy it generates. Consult a professional art restorer if needed to preserve the integrity of the painting.

By properly maintaining your Vastu good luck paintings, you can enjoy the continuous flow of positive energy and good fortune in your home. Remember to choose paintings that resonate with you and follow the Vastu shastra guidelines for the best results.


Incorporating Vastu good luck paintings into your home can have a positive impact on your space and overall well-being. By following the suggested directions and themes, you can create an environment that promotes prosperity and happiness.

Some popular Vastu good luck paintings include:

  • Waterfall paintings placed in North or East direction
  • Nature-inspired paintings, images of family, flowers, or birds, and inspirational artwork
  • Seven Horses painting with horses facing the same direction
  • Bamboo paintings placed on the southeast and east walls
  • Lord Buddha paintings that increase the flow of Chi energy

Remember to choose paintings that resonate with your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your home. By thoughtfully selecting Vastu-approved artwork, you can enhance the positive energy in your living space and possibly attract good fortune into your life.

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