Bhujang Devata in Vastu

Bhujanga devata DirectionNorthNorthEast (NNE)
Bhujanga devata Effects Health and Immunity
Bhujanga devata ColorYellow
Bhujanga devata FoodTurmeric
Bhujanga devata Metal
Bhujanga devata Entrance N6 (6th entrance in North)

Bhujang Energy Field Attributes

  • Immunity,
  • health
  • Medical Science, Doctors
  • Place for keeping medicines
  • Good for Study

Bhujang Devata in Vastu Shastra

Bhujang: Bhujang, meaning “serpent” in Sanskrit, is the thirtieth position in the Vastu Purusha Mandala grid. It symbolizes an ever-active mind and is associated with immunity, core strength, and the Kundalini energy of the inhabitants. Having doors in this area might lead to disharmony and quarrels within the family.

tBhujang Energy field is present in the NorthNorthEast (NNE) direction and is the N6 entrance as per Vastu.

Significance of Bhujang Devata

Bhujang Devata plays a vital role in ensuring the overall well-being of the inhabitants of the space. By following the Vastu principles, a perfectly balanced environment is created, promoting enhanced health, wealth, and happiness for its occupants.

Representation of Energy and Power

Bhujang Devata governs the immunity, core strength, and Kundalini energy of the inhabitants. The presence of Bhujang Devata creates positive vibrations and energizes the space, making it vital for the residents to place rooms according to the Vastu Mandala.

Health and Well-being

Bhujang as a Healer

Bhujang, one of the 45 Vastu Devtas, is a symbol of an ever-active mind and is known to govern immunity, core strength, and the Kundalini energy of the inhabitants. As a healer, Bhujang is closely associated with Charak, a renowned physician and contributor to Ayurveda. They both work together to protect against disease and promote health among individuals.

In Vastu, the kitchen is considered a vital space that directly affects one’s health. It is advisable to follow specific Vastu guidelines to ensure well-being, such as:

  • Facing east while cooking to bring in positive energy.
  • Storing medicines away from the kitchen to keep negative energy at bay.
  • Keeping Samagri (essential ingredients) handy but organized to maintain a clean and harmonious environment.

Connecting with Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy, a powerful force in one’s spiritual journey, is believed to be enhanced and supported by Bhujang Devata. This divine energy helps strengthen the immune system and resist diseases and ailments, contributing to the overall health of the inhabitants.

Kala, representing time and death, signifies the end of an individual’s life. By invoking the power of Vastu Devtas like Bhujang and the guidance of Shikhi, Indra, and Yama, one can overcome the fear of death, prolong their life, and maintain a healthy mind and body.

To connect with Kundalini energy:

  • Align your living spaces according to Vastu principles.
  • Practice proper meditation and breathing techniques.
  • Maintain balance in all aspects of life.

In conclusion, Bhujang Devata plays a crucial role in health and well-being by acting as a healer and fostering connections with Kundalini energy. By following appropriate Vastu guidelines and living harmoniously with the Vastu Devtas, one can achieve a healthy life and a robust immune system, free from diseases and afflictions.

Influence on Rooms and Spaces

Effect of : House Entrance in Bhujanga

The entrance of a house plays a crucial role in attracting positive energy and prosperity. According to Vastu, Bhujang is not an appropriate location for the main door or entrance.

Effect of Prayer Room / Mandir in Bhujanga

In Vastu Shastra, the placement of a prayer room or mandir is essential to harnessing positive energy. Placing the mandir in Bhujang pada results in an improved immunity, core strength, and spiritual energy (kundalini) for the inhabitants of the home. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free prayer room also enhances the flow of positive energy.

Effect of Kitchen in Bhujanga

Kitchen in Bhujang is not very favourable. Bhujang is located in Northen part of Vast chakra and hence the element here is water. the Fire in the kitchen is an anti element.

f you have kitchen in this direction, consult a vast expert.

Effect of Bedroom in Bhujanga

Its is not recommended to have bedroom in Bhujang energy Zone. Extended exposure to this zone can lead to problems related to cough.

But, if a person is sick, he can sleep here temporarily, to harness the healing power.

Effect of Toilet in Bhujanga

The placement of a toilet in Bhujang pada may affect the flow of positive energy within a home. To minimize its impact, ensure that the toilet is kept clean at all times and follows Vastu guidelines regarding positioning and construction. To improve the flow of positive energy, use light colors for walls and flooring, and proper ventilation.

Effect of Store Room in Bhujanga

bhujang energy field is suitable for a study. This is suitable specifically medical related studies.

Effect of Store Room in Bhujanga

A store room placed in Bhujang pada can have a negative influence on the flow of energy within the home.

The bhujang energy field should be kept lightweight and clutter free.

When medicines are kept in this direction, they give effect easily.

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