North Direction in Vastu: new opportunities

North direction ElementWater
North direction Color Blue, Black
North direction Shape Wavey Pattern
Energy Fields (devatas) in North Bhallat (N4) , Soma (N5)
North direction Anti-Element Fire, Earth
Colors to avoid in North directionYellow, Red, Pink, Peach, Orange, Maroon
Recommended in North Bedroom, Living Room, Vision Board, Mandir
Not Recommended in North Toilet , Kitchen, Store Room

North Direction for Companies and Businesses

North direction is very important for businesses. New clients and opportunities come from North direction.

So, if you are in business and not getting new customers check for the following:

  • Red or yellow color
  • Triangle or square shape
  • Store room in north
  • items that have not been used in a long time
  • Scrap items

Immediately clear the above. Incorporate blue color and water fountain in this zone and see the results. Your business will start getting new opportunities.

If you are looking for new opportunities in Job

Pur your resume in North direction to get new opportunities.

Chess Board in North: you become adept in getting new opportunities.You create opportunities.

Kuber in North: New opportunities come to you. You also get good remuneration for the services provided by you.

Swastik in North Direction: Amplifies the effect of the zone. Use blue Swastik or aluminium metal Swastik for North direction. (Note do not use Swastik in negative zones.)

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